Donations – £30,000 (target)

Donations already received from individuals, groups and businesses. We have set ourselves a target of £30,000 through our community appeal.

We have raised around £10,000 already (see our donate page for more details).

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Our thanks also to local businesses who have worked to provide this website to host the appeal (Arch Communications , Captcha Photography and Grasshopper Hosting).



Be a corporate sponsor. You can secure publicity and local goodwill for your business by making a donation.

If you’d like to be a corporate donor, please use the contact form and someone will make contact.


Adopt our appeal as your cause when seeking sponsorship for your run or other exciting endeavour!


Organise fundraising activities – with friends and family, work colleagues, or other groups you’re involved with. This is particularly relevant with local groups, club and societies who will directly benefit from the Sports Pavilion.

Activities could be anything – from whip-rounds to raffles or paid-for events.

Make a Donation

If you would like to donate without the bother of organising an event or sponsorship then you can do so by visiting our 'GoFund Me' page.

While you are there it would be great if you feel that you want to leave a message and your name but if you would rather stay anonymous then that's fine too!

Our Go Fund Me page is at:

You can also donate directly to East Leake Playing Field Charity via bank transfer:

Sort code : 09-01-51

Account No.: 88988300

Buy a Brick

Our 'Buy a Brick' scheme allows you to make a contribution in a very special way. By supporting the charity in this way you can leave a permanent record of your contribution. You might want to remember someone special, a pet or just your name.

Please note that the Parish Council reserve the right to decline unsuitable engravings.

To 'Buy a Brick' (or bricks)

  • Complete your details on the form
  • Complete the 'First engraving' section
  • Decide how many bricks you wish to engrave. These can be in single units or multiples of three at a reduced price.
  • If required, complete the 'Optional second and third engravings section'
  • Click on Submit at the bottom of the form. If nothing happens after a short wait, check that everything has been completed.
  • When you have submitted your form you will receive a confirmation email to the email address that you entered (this may take a few minutes to arrive).
  • Go to Go Fund Me - Buy a Brick and make your donation (£40/£80/£100). Make sure that you use the same name as on your form.
  • When you have completed the form and made your donation you will be contacted to confirm your order. (This is likely to be when busy staff get to it so please be patient).
  • If you have any questions or concerns please make contact through the website contact page.



Sadly the 'Buy a Brick' fundraiser is now closed.
Thank you to all who contributed so generously.
If you would still like to contribute then please follow the link to our GoFundMe page